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Through education and higher education institutions. 2. Through charities and institutions associated with the deprived. 3. Communication with school administrators. 4. Through locals and local lobbies. 5. Information through mass media and conferences organized.


Goals and Schemes: 1. Use of charity donations in the field of science and technology. 2. Identify and flourish the hidden brilliant talents. 3. Educational planning. Use of elites in educational planning. 4. Help the country's scientific development. 5. Establishment of branches. Knowledge-based in other places


The existence of brilliant talents in the destitute families, the tradition of charity and charity in our country, and the lack of a base for identifying, supporting and flourishing these talents led to the creation of a group of knowledge of friends and comrades in the year 83 aimed at the elaboration of these hidden talents. Establishing the charity of Shajareh Tayebeh (Specialized Scientific Elite) in the city of Tehran and turquoise domes. Due to the conditions prevailing in the field of science, knowledge and elitism, the need for growth, prosperity and self-sufficiency in various fields and the use of all The potential of this institute as unique in this regard in your country, you Is one of the most important enterprises in the city of Najaf Abad, Khomeini Shahr, Shahreza, Shahin Shahr, Falavarjan, Mobarakeh, Faridan, Fereydoun Shahr, Chadegan, Garden of Bahadoran, Pirbakran, Boyen Miyandasht, Kashan, Golpayegan, Tiran and Krona, Khansar, Aran and Bidgol, in pursuit of this ambitious goal. It is hoped that through the grace of Allah Almighty and the help of all the goodwill who have played and will play in this field, we will witness the flowering of more hidden talents in our beloved homeland.

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Central Branch of Isfahan: Roodaki Street, Shahid Soleimani Alley

Phone: +9831-37777623-30 Fax: +9831-37866523

Branch of the cities: Najaf Abad, Khomeini Shahr, Shahreza, Shahin Shahr, Falavarjan, Mobarakeh, Fereydan, Fereydoun Shahr, Chadgan, Garden of Bahadoran, Piperbran, Boyen Miyandasht, Kashan, Golpayegan, Tiran and Krone, Khansar, Aran and Bidgol